Production Stills

SCRATCH THIS a new web series coming soon!

New Episode: TENNIS


How to Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom Premiering at BFI London International Film Festival and screening at Hamptons International Film Festival

Laura Dowling SheaClark DavidsonJohn Goodman Alpha House
“Alpha House”Amazon Studios, with Clark Johnson and John Goodman

Aunt Val, Prom King 2010

Aunt Val, “Prom King 2010” Winner New Visions Award Cinequest


THE SPILLING Directed by Linda Yellen

First Cut Laura's Ending V2.Still016First Cut Laura's Ending V2.Still008

TABOO with Harry Chambarry   Divya Sethi and Gabby Girma

Casey-30 Years Later

“Casey-30 Years Later” with Beverly Bonner  Broadway Comedy Club